PSD and Title V Permitting

Let our air permitting experts guide you through one of the most complicated and least understood aspects of the landfill industry today.  We work closely with you to address today’s requirements without compromising tomorrow’s opportunities.  Download our brochure for more information.


Air Compliance and GHG Reporting

Our staff of experienced air compliance professionals has the skills and tools to ensure your continued compliance with air reporting regulations at a very reasonable price.  We aggressively pursue opportunities for streamlining your reporting requirements.  Because we want our clients for life, not for just the next quarterly reporting event.

Data Management

EPA-mandated monitoring, recordkeeping and reporting requirements rely on large amounts of data. Get it wrong and you can face a blemished compliance record and tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. Our data management solutions make sure you get it right. EIL’s and Sanborn Head’s LFGMStm database gives you the tools to manage compliance and operations in the well field while EIL’s CMD gives you command of your continuous monitoring data.