Stormwater Management Design

Stormwater management rules constrain the amount of developable land on your property and, thus, the value of your development.  We can help you correctly determine your stormwater management design constraints.  We then strive to maximize your site’s assets within these constraints through sensible stormwater infrastructure, a balanced cut and fill design, aesthetic detention planning, and the judicious use of innovative drainage materials.

Construction Management

From pre-construction through final inspection, we have the construction management experience to get your project built to your specifications, on-time, and on-budget.  Our construction management philosophy is rooted in understanding your project’s unique needs and challenges, planning out your path to success, and then seeing that plan through. 

Construction Inspection

We offer trained construction inspection professionals who have the experience and certifications necessary to ensure the success of your construction project.  Our inspectors combine construction know-how with tact and sound judgment to ensure that your project gets built to your specifications.  

CAD Services

From simple conceptual to 3D total-station-ready design drawings, EIL’s CAD professionals can help you get your project from the back-of-the-napkin to final inspection.  We are fluent in Terramodel, AutoCAD, and MicroStation. 

Foundation Design

The right foundation can ensure your project functions as intended, rather than cracking, tilting, or sinking into the mud. Let our geotechnical engineers keep you solid, level, and out of the mud.